A walk in the park.
Watercolour 8 by 12ins

I am proud that this painting has inspired a poet to write a poem about it.

Old Friends Forever by Bushma'am

Elderly neighbors out for morning walk,
Comfortable silence; sometimes they talk.
Widowed both for too many years,
Concord now the sadness and tears.
Reminiscing when young and bold,
Compatible in their own time and place;
Part of life's journey, the natural race.
This morning, sun shining on early mist,
Mystery of forms in the wavering wisps.
Mesmerized by this beautiful sight
Eyes frozen on the visions in light.
Does this path of yesterday
Now lead to a newer way?
There was a void of all earthly sound,
Yet the silence its self was a sound.
So quick the mist lifted; visions gone.
A morning bird sang his ode to dawn.
Two friends walking the path of return,
In each mind, a thought of concern.
One asked, "Did you hear a name?"
"Oh yes, for me it was the same."
Silent again as they walked on home,
Assured that they are never alone
And comforted in this certainty,
Mates in life - Mates in Eternity.

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