The abandoned boat.
This painting was inspired by me reading a story about a man who murdered his wife and left her on an uncharted island in a boat called Sally.

I am proud to say that this painting inspired a poet to write a poem about it!

Poem Title: by Bushma'am
Beneath a Troubled Sky

It may have been the Salty Sally, or another name,
Abandoned on a lonely piece of deserted beach
Rusting in rain, paint bleached and chipped;
Salt crusted, creaking with each gust of the wind.

A few scars and dents; broken window panes;
Barnacle skeletons on the hulls under side'
Lashed down with kelp covered anchor ropes,
Rocking, creaking with each gust of the wind.

Death seeks time & place on an abandoned boat,
Beneath a dark and foreboding troubled sky.
On a lonely deserted strip of seaside shore
Where twisted hate grows and accelerates.

Lost control, so evil delivers the fateful blow,
Dark windows hide the evidence of death.
And a life is lost on a lonely stretch of beach.
The boat rocks with each gust of the wind.

The sea gulls have flown out to the open sea.
Abandoning the evil that lingers there on shore.

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